APB3 Media | Mobile Payment Processing

Our company is dedicated to streamlining the process of implementation for mobile payment processing. From the moment you contact us, a dedicated project manager is assigned to your account to help oversee the entire process. From contact point to full scale implementation, we’ll be by your side every step of the way. Thanks to our vast relationships with various banks – both onshore and offshore – we are confident we can get you approved for the payment processing solution that you need today.

  • Secure mobile payment processing for high risk businesses
  • Dedicated project managers
  • Highest level of approval in the industry
  • Onshore and offshore solutions.
  • Custom account setup
  • Plenty of gateway and software options
  • Lowest batch rates of fees
  • Amazing terminal options

The digital aesthetic of the modern era is not one that leaves much wiggle room for businesses that don’t cater to the transactional preferences of their customers. In fact, customers are demanding greater convenience than ever before with their payment solutions—and your business should also demand them, too. At APB3 Media, we offer high-risk mobile payment processing that will assure that your business is covered, regardless of its industry, so you can start accepting secure mobile payments today.

Our mobile payment processing solution can be easily integrated to nearly any business with minimal technical know-how and a simple plug-and-play system that will take you minutes to learn how to operate. Now you can accept payments on the go, and from your mobile handset, with the same swipe and charge features that you’ve grown accustomed to. Our batch rates and fees are also amongst the lowest in the industry. Thanks to our special relationships with banks and underwriters, we boast the highest approval rates for high-risk businesses with the lowest fees and most convenient amenities – perks that you won’t find from most other providers.

APB3 Media | Payment Systems Integration

Our client-specific approach for payment systems integration is focused on the ease of use for you. We want you to be able to use your new payment system as soon as possible. Whether you are running a roving food cart, a restaurant, an online store or other type of business—you need your payment system up and running as quickly as possible. With our dedicated project managers and technical support reps, you can rest assured that your payment system will be integrated in a timely manner so you’ll be able to process the transactions right away.

Payment Systems Integration

We pride ourselves on offering a smooth and easy to install and use payment systems integration process. Our fast and user-friendly integration often involves a simple plug and play method for our terminals; meaning that you connect it, power the device on, enter a few bits of information and then you are ready to start processing transactions. Along the way, we are just a phone call, click or email away to assist you with answering any questions or providing the necessary support that you need.

Easy Implementation

Our payment systems integration model is based upon the most effective method of system deployment that exists. We incorporate user-friendly technologies that make it easier for you to start accepting payments within minutes of setting up your POS terminal or mobile payment processing solution.

  • Easy integration
  • Plug and play technology
  • Dedicated project managers
  • Integration support staff
  • Simple instructions
  • Flexible solutions
  • Cost effective
  • Scalable technology

Why Use APB3Media?

At APB3Media, our goal is to get your business approved for high-risk merchant processing service you need. We’ve successfully helped countless clients obtain the merchant services they need, and we are confident we can help you, too. Our network of underwriters and international and national banks assures that you won’t overpay with steep fees or high batch rates. With a high approval ratio, we are confident we can meet your merchant services needs today!

APB3 Media | Data Management

We understand the concerns that our high risk merchant customers have over data management and security. This is why we address those concerns with the most secure method of managing client data in the industry. Let us handle your data securely—so you can focus on running your business and increasing its revenue stream. With our state-of-the-art data storage and protection methods in place, your data will be stored and managed as securely and as safely as possible, safeguarded against hacker intrusion.

The APB3 Media Approach

At APB3, secure data management for our clients is our first order of business. We take a number of extraordinary measures to assure the efficacy and integrity of our clients’ data at all times. A few measures include, but are not limited to:

  • Encrypting the data at its entry point, before it goes into the system.
  • Incorporating encryption technology that can be swappable to add protection.
  • Integrating an alphanumeric token for each customer’s card information.
  • Warehousing cardholder information that is encrypted and secured to the highest standard.
  • Exceeding PCI DSS compliance mandates.

Benefits of Our Security Measures

Some clients ask us why we use tokens over other encryption methods. The answer is simple. If the data were to be compromised by criminals, the information has no specific cardholder data, thus making it entirely worthless to any criminals or hackers. Furthermore, our data management methods are PCI DSS compliant, to ensure the highest level of data protection and integrity in the industry for our valued clientele.

APB3 Media | Micro-Donation Integration

At APB3Media, we don’t just specialize in assisting our clients with their high risk merchant processing services, mobile payment processing, data management, custom software or payment systems integration—we also specialize in assisting with custom micro-donation integration. Rather than rely upon a bunch of third-party micro-donation services, you can instead create your own one that involves far less risk and reduced chargeback rates, with the same anti-fraud and security measures in place that you’ve have grown to trust.

Micro-Donation Integration

Don’t worry about the integration side of it, as we have you covered. Our experienced team of software engineers is capable of micro-donation integration on a number of different leading platforms using our customized solution. You’ll be able to accept donations to your cause on the online platforms of your choice. Even with the fine details or coding – we’ll take care of it.

User-Friendly & Seamless

Our micro-donation software is designed to be scalable, seamless and user-friendly. We want it to be easy for your donors to make a donation to your cause. As opposed to some solutions, where donors have to sift through pages of information just to make a pledge, our system is filtered to contain only the necessary steps so you can accept fast donations that are quick and convenient for your supporters.

Custom Implementation Options

We are proud to offer custom implementation options for micro-donation integration. Whether you are seeking to add these features to a forthcoming or existing mobile applications, mobile website, standard website, social media portal or landing page—our experienced team of software designers will work with you and the existing platforms you are using to assure seamless integration, smooth functionality and a user-friendly experience that encourages increased micro-donation volumes from your user base.

Key Micro-Donation Integration Features

  • No more third-party providers
  • Custom implementation
  • Leading security measures
  • Platform compatibility
  • Scalable solution
  • Seamless interface
  • User-friendly
  • Cost effective

APB3 Media | Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development by APB3 Media

APB3 Media offers customized and streamlined, scalable and industry specific custom software development with specific focuses on the high-risk industry, and one that also caters to the marketplace around the world. Our affluent team of highly experienced software developers possesses the skill sets, experience and know-how to create customized software applications and cost-sensitive development for your entity.

Your Vision Brought to Life

At APB3 Media, we understand the value and emotional attachment that coincides with your vision. Using a seamless and integrated approach that involves a dedicated project manager for your campaign, we’ll work with you hand-in-hand while tailoring the state-of-the-art solution that your business requires within the specifications of your budget. Whether you need flash-based and custom applications, PHP driven websites, MySQL server based applications, Java, .Net or numerous others—we are confident that we can create the software solution you need today.

Custom Software Development Languages:

  • PHP
  • C#
  • VB
  • .Net
  • Java
  • ASP.Net


  • MySQL
  • MS SQLServer
  • Oracle

Commitment to Excellence

At APB3 Media, we are not happy unless you are completely thrilled. Our reliable software engineers will work around the clock to meet any pending deadlines while adhering to your budget and custom software development needs. We understand that deployment critical situations and dates are almost always present in any software undertaking—which is why we’ll ensure that our team’s core focus is on your project at all times.

Get Started Today!

We invite you to Contact Us today to request a quote on your custom software development needs. Once we receive your request, we will contact you back promptly to schedule an in-depth conference to assess your needs. Once we have your information in-hand—our team will create a budget and a game plan for your software creation, testing and integration.

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