APB3 Media is a professional consulting company specializing in unique business solutions for Merchants, ISO’s and MSP’s. What sets APB3 Media apart as a company is our ability to maximize measures for risk management solutions. Through strong banking connections, APB3 Media serves companies of all sizes both domestic and international with heavy experience in offshore payment processing, notably the European, Australian and South American banking sectors.

With APB3 Media, every account ranging from small startups to million-dollar-a-month ventures is treated with the same respect, dignity, and genuine gratitude. With a full staff of well-traveled underwriters, bankers and risk analysis partners at your disposal, our service isn’t about finding your potential but pushing it. We take in a variety of clients from a wide-range of industries, offering unparalleled service that goes beyond the call of secure payment processing. Not to mention our competitive rates that won’t bury you in a sandstorm of sneaky fees. In choosing service over shadiness, you’ll find APB3 Media’s services to be second to none.

Anastasia Cherninsky, Founder, brings expertise in merchant accounting with the high-risk processing space as her “bread and butter”. With over 15 strong banking connections as her secret weapon, she fully applies all her energy into each and every client bringing a large set of unique skills into the process. Besides banking she also has within her reach many connections with advertising firms, SEO and Web Design companies, CRM developers, fulfillment companies, manufacturing and nutraceutical companies and referral partners for more services. For each and every business under the APB3 Media banner, Anastasia always finds a way around challenges and obstacles by offering advice, solutions and guidance.

At ABP3 Media, we’ve overcome various hurdles in order to bring you the best for your business. We do this because it’s our niche and we want to be the best at it. We take in many clients who have had bad experiences in the past, had their accounts put on hold or shut down, or had their small business swamped with crazy fees, it’s our mission to find the best options with the most reasonable rates which is why we handle everything on a case-by-case basis. In our experience we’ve seen many successes with obtaining and maintaining merchant accounts. We succeed every step of the way.

Strong Connections Make for Superb Connections. Have a Look at Who We Have Worked With: