APB MEDIA INC exists to provide merchant services in all verticals for all business types with competitive rates, high quality service and strong banking connections
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Who we are
APB3 Media is a professional consultation company specializing in a various business solutions for Merhcants, ISO's and MSP's.
What we do
APB3 Media provides High-Quality Merchant Account and Payment Processing for Businesses both Domestic and International.
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APB3 Media differentiates itself from other business through its commitment to catering for your success and the survival of your business. One customer and one case study at a time. Payment Processing is a complex process for many businesses, especially the non-traditional ones. But we’ve made it our challenge to suit even the most specific of needs, because regardless of your industry, target audience, consumer volume or size, payment processing is as vital to running a business as the blood coursing through its veins. And at the end of the day, we want you to keep the lights on and keep the commerce flowing.
We know that the bigger the bottom line for our clients, the bigger they can build. We specialize in saving you on costs and fees, helping you get the best rate and the right payment processing that is both secure and simple to meet your every need. We help you process payments with a wide array of banking connections and technological innovations to keep you afloat and focused on growing. Either through integration or custom development, we stay a step ahead to ensure the best solutions and service every time.

  • Anastasia has everything you’re looking for in a payment processing solution: experienced, detail-oriented, superior support, and is well networked. If you’re looking for high-risk or low-risk processing, Anastasia is one of the best out there!

    Peter Nguyen
  • Anastasia is the prime example of what a true sales performer and consultant is all about. She strives for excellence and executes a positive winning attitude in the work environment. She can get to any decision maker and will always have intelligent conversations that will result and transpire into new business. Anastasia is a team player and extremely knowledgeable about the merchant processing environment which is a direct result and strong testament to her customers who respect and trust her. Anastasia is a straight shooter who will always get to the heart of the matter and make sure her clients are well take care. No matter what she does in any work setting, Anastasia will rise to the occasion with loyalty, commitment, dedication with a big heart for success.

    Wade Twitchell
  • Anastasia is a pleasure to work with. She is knowledgeable, professional, and a great asset to the team at Global Merchant Advisors. Anastasia goes above, and beyond to make sure that all her clients needs are met, and she always takes a consultative approach to each and every situation. Anastasia would be a great addition to any organization!

    Jordan Olshanskiy
  • Anastasia is one of a trusted few in my circle that I would recommend for merchant services. She is a hard-working, diligent and dedicated individual that will stop at nothing to deliver a quality service. I recommend her services to all of our top clients and will continue to do so.

    Michael Salvaggio
  • Working with APB Media has been a great experience. We value our relationship with APB Media. It is comforting to know we have an educated and professional company to work with to expand our business, manage our expectations and fulfill our companies needs.

    Ryan Fritzsche
  • If you’re looking for an honest, hardworking and get the job done type of girl, Anastasia and APB3 Media Inc. rocks the boat , if she doesn’t know it , she will learn it , she answer your calls or calls you back fast , there’s no down time with Her , you will be blessed if she can fit you in with her fast pace schedule , you can sleep knowing she gets the job done , all I can say is THANK YOU , THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! And I’m glad you’re helping our company.

    John Bartholomew
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